About Us

Arachim has stood among the leading organizations raising Jewish consciousness around the world for over twenty-eight years. Via an impressive array of programming, personal counseling, and community services in cities across the globe, Arachim has led a revolution towards reinstating Jewish values and practice. Arachim’s accomplishments have included helping thousands reclaim their Jewish heritage, bridging the gap between secular and Torah observant Jewish communities, strengthening communal and individual Jewish identity, and stemming Jewish assimilation worldwide.


What we do

Arachim’s founders originated some of the most popular models of Jewish outreach and education in use today. The best known of those models is the seminar. Over the course of several days, sessions are presented by dynamic lecturers using audio-visual presentations to illustrate the intellectual foundations of Judaism. This model of Jewish outreach has proven to be extraordinarily impacting. Over two hundred Arachim seminars take place every year in a palette of languages around the world..

Arachim Success Stories

All sorts of stories can be told of Jews who miraculously find their way “back home.” Come, meet some of our brethren who “have returned to the fold” – lovingly led home to a life of Torah and mitzvos.


Child Education

Anyone with a sense of responsibility in his heart realizes that his highest priority must be the raising of his or her children as healthy productive citizens of tomorrow's world – not an easy task to fulfill.


A day-long rest, good food, nice clothes, a congenial atmosphere with the family – doesn't it sound inviting? But Shabbos has much more to offer us....